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Our Services

We offer a range of digital marketing solutions

I- Digital Marketing

With the use of several Social media platforms to promote your service/products and increase your sales rates with the proper plan!
Building the right content for your pages, based on a well-designed plan and strategy, form captions, to visuals to help you communicate better with your audience and reach a wider range.
Reach your customers, build better relations, increase brand awareness by targeting them through customized & specialized emails.
Send out your ideas and plans to the vast audience and reach out to the ones searching for your products, services, or information.
Generate traffic, reach your target audience and grow visibility from organic search results (SEO) & from both organic and paid search (SEM).
Get a detailed monthly report around your social media performance to make sure your strategies are going as planned and achieving the goal you desire.

II- Software & Web Development

Manage and integrate your business’s financials, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.
Manage your company’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customer through a specialized system.
We’ll Build, create, and maintain websites in all forms; e-commerce, business, service, and take care of all aspects including web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.
Want to sell your products? We Build & design websites that allow people to buy and sell tangible goods, digital products or services online directly.
Manage the creation and modification of digital content through special computer software.

You’re At The Right Place !!

Talent Minds is a Lebanese end-to-end Top Digital Marketing Agency in Lebanon, since 2017 we have, been holding under our umbrella a variety of marketing services to achieve the ultimate goal…


What makes our work successful!
start up
Project Beginning
Meeting and identifying business goals, brand objectives, and review any materials you provide us. This will help us in structuring the marketing strategy.
Learn about the client's business, website, and competitors and provide a clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.
We put the plan brilliantly in a way that the messaging properly communicates the voice of your brand. specify the channels that will helps reach your target audience. and then defining the KPI's that helps in tracking and measuring the marketing campaign.
creative strategy
Design and create all the assets needed to conduct the campaign and put the marketing concept on the same road. we will construct a cohesive concept to unify your marketing campaign across multiple digital marketing channels.
Campaign Management
Implement and execute all the work that was done in the planing Strategy phases to hit campaign goals. we start the campaign based on all the KPI's that were placed at the beginning.
Analyzing & Reporting
Provide regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, and goal tracking to adjust project plan based on results. In the future to see the optimal time and frequency to distribute campaigns according to the people interaction.

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Our Packages

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Startup Package
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Professional Package
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Case Studies

Over 55 companies have trusted to deliver solutions to their digital problems, see what and how did we achieve the goals.

Happy Clients About Us

Let’s recall some words from our happy clients from different industries!
“We found big and successful results through the paid advertising on social media platforms service, day by day the calls are increasing and we are achieving more sales”
Construction Industry
Dr. Yehya, Owner
Construction Industry
“Talented Minds, creative, friendly, specific, care about details Honest, etc. Brief, to reach our goal... Talent Minds brings it all true”
Electronics Industry
Mr. Ahmad, Owner
Electronics Industry
“Everyone is asking us about the social media account, and they are saying that our products are shown beautifully through content and designs.”
Jewelry Industry
Mr. Younes, Owner
Jewelry Industry
"Talent Minds is an extension of my marketing business and a true business supporter. Their team truly exceeds my expectations and has succeeded in increasing our target awareness and helped to generate enormous sales."
Skincare Specialist
Dr. Rayan, Founder
"It was a great decision to work with such a professional and friendly team. We’ve been working together for 6 months, and looking forward to 6 years!"
Cars Industry
Mr. Samer , Manager
Cars Industry
"One of the best marketing agencies in Lebanon"
Book Store
Mr. Mohamad, Owner
Book Store
"The user experience got better, the posts are very nice and engaging, we have new followers, and I love it!"
Laundry Industry
Mr. Hasan, Owner
"The work is excellent, perfect content, and plans to attract our audience"
Mr. Kassem ,Owner
"The services are very good and they hit our expectations. The content is creative, looking forward to more successful work with you since We are comfortable with you."
Ms. Ola, Manager
"The Landing Page is so professional. Our sales increased through the website, in addition to the conversion rate."
E-Commerce Website
Mr. Ali, Owner
"The work is so professional, and we are happy with the results. Everything is going as we aimed"
Cars Industry
Mr. Mohamad Manager
Cars Industry

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