Lighting Retail Industry


April 05, 2023

Lighting Retail Industry

With more than a branch in different cities Lebanon – Miami – Turkey. And after stating what they needed “more in-house visits and sales, showcasing variety and quality, highlighting on exclusive brands, & to reach the end users.” we went on a journey together in Social Media Marketing. In some situations, where the whole country was struck by the economic crisis and the ongoing revolution in 2019. As well as the constant road blockage and the ongoing increase in $ the rate, Covid-19 came in to add another challenge in the way of business’s success.

Client's Goal

• Grow more sales.
• Highlight exclusive items and high-quality products.
• Generate high online sales rates.
• Targeting the right audience that fits perfectly for the brand’s items’ specifications and prices.
• Increase the walk-in to the store

Solutions Recruitment

With the ongoing financial crisis and the fact that people gave up on items other than essentials, it was vital to highlight the strength point to encourage the prospects to actually buy the items through a series of well-planned campaigns.
- Discounts
- Highlight exclusivity
- Targeting the right audience in every aspect (Geographically, interests, the goal of the campaign…)
- Choosing the right posts to advertise, in order to get the needed results, promote the needed products, and reduce the cost of random boosts.
- Working on a Sales Funnel strategy to help the audience make the final decision of purchase.


With the online and offline efforts done, the store was able to achieve great milestones in social media marketing!


Reach: 4 Million
Profile Visits: 667.1K
Increase in Followers by 30k
Ads reach: 1,462,422 people
Ads Engagement: 95,891
Videos (minutes viewed): 630.9K (up by 7102%)
Video Engagement: 9.7K (up by 6685%)


Reach: 2.2 Million
Profile Visits: 257.6K
Increase in followers: Exceeding 28k
Videos (minutes viewed): 278,026

– Business addresses: 10K taps on the profile.

– Receiving around 50,000 messages with an average of 70 messages per day (aside from WhatsApp messaging)

– Ads click 642,788.

– Reaching a Cost per link click average of 0.01$ after it was an average of 2.44$ which indicates the increase in ad effectivity and reach.

– Before the social media marketing and online ads campaign, this business didn’t have any orders outside the store and the walk-ins were low. After these planned campaigns, the sales rate and online orders increased by 1000%.

With the Talent Minds team, our client is expecting to expand the world with its website and presence on Google in the coming months!

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