Food Industry Story

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November 09, 2016

Food Industry Story

A Well-known Fast food chain, after owning a place on one of the most buzzing streets in Beirut, we went on a journey to create awareness around this brand and prepare for the grand opening. The owners depended solely on our digital marketing services to promote the new launch, which was a challenge for us to cut down all the efforts that could be done outdoors on social media only.

Client's Goal

• Creating awareness for launching the first branch and following branches.
• Building a community.
• Reflecting on the vibe of social media.
• Competing with highly reputable fried chicken restaurant (KFC)
• Creating credibility.
• Promoting menu items.
• Targeting the right audience through advertising.

Solution Recruitment

- Creating awareness around the new opening with a special campaign that started off with teasing and went on for more details.
- Raising awareness around menu items and quality.
- Promoting and Advertising offers and new items.
- Promoting location.
- Creating engaging posts to communicate with the community.
- Working on chatbots to help with the communication process and make it easier for the audience to get information.
- Working on using User Generated Content in posts and engaging the audience with the visuals.
- Hosting giveaways to tease the opening of the second brand by engaging with the audience.
- Hosting a campaign to increase recommendations & reviews on the page for higher ratings.
- Reaching out to new audience members.

The Result of Our Work

Depending on online efforts ONLY, the fried chicken restaurant was able to perform the following in a period of 1 year & 4 months:
  • Successfully launch the brand with the first branch.
  • Opening a second branch within 6 months of launching the brand.
  • Opening a third brand in a reputable mall within one year and 3 months of the original opening and 9 months after the second opening.
  • Host birthdays in the upper court and serve outdoor events.  
Reaching 20K followers on Facebook.
Over 70,000 engagements on Facebook only.
1.8K Chabot subscribers.

During the pandemic period that happened in that time, our client continued its success and has become one of the popular brands in food and beverages competing with international brand that have branches in Lebanon.
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