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February 11, 2023

Cars Industry Story

Since 2011, our client/family member started his car dealership business with a wide range of car models that suits any budget and taste.

With the ongoing financial crisis in Lebanon, the gasoline crisis that led to its absence in stations, and the insane rise in prices, people may have taken a step back from investing in a new car or were looking for a highly economic one rather than big 4x4 cars.

And that is where we came in, holding our strategies and plans to make sure he goes through the competition with the best results and encourage people to purchase more by a series of steps.

Client's Goal

• Pushing sales rates.
• Maintain credibility .
• Creating awareness around the new branch.
• Promoting auto parts service.
• Targeting the right audience through advertising.

Solution Recruitment

• Raising awareness around brands & models found.
• Promoting and boosting cars available.
• Teasing and promoting a new location.
• Highlight auto parts service, from the quality, and variety to the source.
• Constantly advertising for services & items found.
• Creating engaging posts to communicate with the community.
• Working on Sales Funnel strategy to help the audience make the final decision of purchase.
• Giving solutions to the current crises through car investment.
• Reflecting on the identity and character of the owner through page posts.
• Highlighting insurance & warranty services.
• Reaching out to new audience members.
924040 - Link clicks
1987941 - Ads reach
904646 - Ads Engagement


With the online and offline efforts done, the cars showroom was able to achieve the following over the course of 7 months:
• Increase in the sales rate within the financial crisis and gasoline crisis in Lebanon.
• Ads Taps: 50890 taps.
• Reaching a Cost per link click average of 0.02$ after it was an average of 2.48$ which indicates the increase in ads effectivity and reach.
Facebook Reach: 915,108 (up by 1.6K%).
Facebook Profile Visits: 54,118 (up by 714.7%).
Increase in Followers: Up by 643.6% on Facebook.
Instagram Reach: 8,561 (up by 1.6K).
Instagram Profile Visits: 2,537 (up by 6.3%).
Increase in Followers Up by 135.2% on Instagram.

From The Client

"Everything is perfect, we’ve been working together for 6 months, and looking forward to 6 years!”
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